Rochester Cake Projection Mapping

Are you looking for something different or unique that will leave your guests in total awe? Do you want to dazzle and impress your guests when they see your wedding, Birthday or other event cake? Are you bored of seeing the same old cakes? Well, we have something for you! It’s called Rochester Cake Projection Mapping!

Cakes are only one type of things we can projection map on. We have done walls, ceilings and even wedding dresses! The sky is the limit and anything you can think of, we can do!

If you would like to book our incredible Rochester Cake Projection Mapping service, get in touch with us today and make an inquiry and we’ll get back to you right away!

Kalifornia Entertainment is proud to be the first and ONLY entertainment business in all of WNY that offers this service for our clients.

What Is Cake Projection Mapping?

Kalifornia Entertainment is Rochester’s premier resource for businesses and organizations looking for a unique way to impress, dazzle and entertain guests. Our creative department transforms your cake into an unforgettable live experience using images, graphics and spectacular animation to tell your story. We use multiple 4K high definition video projectors with sophisticated software to achieve the effect. Projection mapping on cakes always create an immersive experience for your event or wedding guests!

Fully customized, each mapped wedding cake is exclusive and different. If you would like our team to tell your love or life story through visuals, they can include your photos and coordinate the projections with music of your choice.

Video mapping is available for Rochester weddings and birthdays, anniversaries, ceremonies and any other special occasion with a big cake at the center of attention. Whatever the occasion, our Rochester Cake Projection Mapping service never fails to impress!

Examples Of Our Cake Video Projection Mapping