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Best of Rochester 2017

Best of Rochester 2017

October 25, 2017 Kalifornia Entertainment Comments Off

Every year, in Rochester, NY there is an annual poll held by a well known publication with thousands of readers by the name of City Newspaper. They hold a poll which they titled this year as, Best of Rochester 2017. Readers and resident of Rochester have the opportunity to vote on who they believe or think is the absolute best when it comes to certain things in the city. There are tons of different categories that fall into the main buckets of Best Food & Drink, Best Goods & Services, Best Local Color, Best Arts & Entertainment and Best Nightlife. One of the categories under the Best Arts & Entertainment bucket is Best Live DJ.

Best of Rochester 2017

For the past 9 years, DJ Kalifornia has been nominated as a Finalist in the Best of Rochester 2017 poll. He’s won it three times (2012, 2014, 2016). Last night (10/25/17), was the award ceremony. The newspaper holds this annual ceremony every year in the top atrium of Village Gate and it gives all of the finalist and residents a chance to come and sample what the finalists have to offer, whether it’s food, drink, music, etc. They also announce who the winners are for the first time. Last night, DJ Kalifornia had the honor of winning again for the 4th time as Best Live DJ!






The way this poll works is they begin with preliminary voting, which means people have to actually write in their answers under each category. City Newspaper does not choose themselves. It’s a reader and citizen poll, so the general public gets add who they strongly believe to be the best. After a couple of weeks of the preliminary voting, City News then takes the top 4 (or sometimes 5 if there is a tie) and places them all into another survey which becomes the finals. Readers and citizens then go and vote who they believe should be the winner based off of the top written in candidates from the preliminaries. City is very very strict on how people vote. They check IP addresses, emails, and general info on every single vote that is cast as to make sure that people are not stuffing the ballot of cheating in any way.

This year, according to City, there was over 14,000 people that voted. That is an incredible amount of people who voted in both the preliminaries and finals. To see that so many people voted DJ Kalifornia (or Kalifornia Entertainment) as the best Rochester DJ once again is such an honor to have and hold. Other Rochester DJ companies out there will promote themselves as the best but when you have a certified win like this with over 14,000 people voting and you end up at the top with a real award from an established and well known local publication…then everything that other companies promote doesn’t really mean too much and is just hot air.

So once again, thank you Rochester for making DJ Kalifornia a 9 time finalist and thank you Rochester for making him a 4 time winner as Best Rochester DJ! We’ll be celebrating this one for a long time! To see the whole list of winners in all of the categories, check out the City News’ website by clicking here.