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An Open Letter To The Wedding Industry

An Open Letter To The Wedding Industry

February 25, 2016 Kalifornia Entertainment Comments Off

An Open Letter To The Wedding Industry

An Open Letter To The Wedding IndustryWe’re going to take a moment from writing the usual type of blog entries and get real for a moment. We usually write blog entries about what type of DJ you should look for, or different wedding traditions explained or some other type of random entry that gives people some sound advice. We compile these types of entries from information that we gather between each event, the clients we talk to and book us, and from seeing common discussions all over the web from other vendors.

So, as we begin, we must express something that we believe is causing a stir in the local wedding scene. Sometimes we write about and promote certain controversial things that has a tendency to upset other vendors, and maybe even some brides or grooms. We mention time to time that if you’re searching for DJ services and some quotes are really high compared to others then that doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting the best of the best. It just means that some businesses feel the need to charge way higher (for whatever reason they assume it’s warranted). It goes the other way too. If you receive a quote from a business that is very low (way lower than anything else you have seen), then you may not be getting a full professional service, hence why we post blog entries on what questions you should ask DJ, or what to look for in a professional DJ service. We try to educate people as best as possible that you should always shop around and compare different quotes or services. It’s not meant to hurt, devalue, or tear down other businesses even though some people might look at it in that light. Many DJ companies offer different things. What every bride and groom should do is gather multiple quotes, and go the middle route that is right for them. The Goldilocks method, to put it in another way. Not too high, not too low, just right! Get what they believe is the best service or offerings for their money. This is why Kalifornia Entertainment offers more than other services or doesn’t charge for certain enhancements.

thinkingWe strongly believe that your event is a big deal and you are paying a lot of money for different things to make your event the best it can be for yourself and others. Charging extra for certain enhancements, like uplighting or monogram lighting or even putting time constraints on clients (4, 5, 6 hours, etc) is a business model that we prefer not to follow. Does that mean we are undercutting or screwing other businesses? We don’t look at it that way. We look at it as simply offering something different and more for your money. Other businesses out there may charge for certain things and people will pay for it. That is something clients choose to do, and whether they decided they wanted to do it or not, is simply THEIR decision. No one should look down on them for it. But it is always a good idea to educate and share knowledge so that people can see there are other options available.

Same with the businesses who offer VERY low pricing for events (the Craigslist sellers, as we call them, with no website or reviews, and just does events for fun). If a client understands that they are paying for something that may not get them what the middle of the road or high end pricing will get them, then we must reiterate…that decision is on their shoulders. Again, we strive to educate and show the difference in what you are paying for or receiving.

no-negativityNow on to our next point, which is a touchy subject. We have also been placed on the radar of the competition. Businesses who offer much higher pricing (or charge for the enhancements that we give for free) that are not exactly too happy with the way Kalifornia Entertainment promotes itself or what we offer our clients at our selected price points. These businesses have gone out of their way to say negative things, post bad things on social media, and pretty much have done things to be…how should we put it….jerks. Growing up we were always told that if people are talking bad about you, it means you must be doing something right. Maybe this is the case here. Especially if it’s the competition. We get that some of the things we talk about can be upsetting to others, but it’s not meant to upset them. It’s meant to help or educate, even if they do not want to believe or acknowledge that. There is a difference between what we do as being constructive, and what competitors do, in order to make you look bad or just to be mean and bullies.

We can’t really be too upset though over what the competition does because of a few reasons:

  1. Whether they want to admit it or not, it’s free promotion for us (any promo is good promo)
  2. Them posting negative things about us has actually brought us clients who they lost
  3. It results in them looking less professional (In today’s society, that goes a long way in how much business you do in the long run, even if you’re doing ok in the present)

Maybe these other businesses don’t care and they have enough business where they can say anything they want about others. If that’s the case, then I say that is quite an accomplishment for being able to still bring in steady business even as they try to tear down others.

shake-handThere are millions of wedding and private event vendors all over the world. Not everyone conducts their business the same way. As a client, your mission is to search out and find the vendor that you know you will be happy with and fits in with what you are looking to accomplish or do. If that means you have to go through an interview process of hundreds of vendors to find the one you want, then so be it. But as a vendor, we cannot and should not be upset at who a client decides to go with. You may feel that they made the wrong choice or are doing things wrong, but in the long run it is always their decision and you should wish them well on whatever way they decided to go. Never bash who they chose, never bash the client for their decision, and never bash who referred the client to their decision.

Sorry for the long blog entry, and this may have been a little A.D.D. or all over the map with our thoughts since we wanted to convey it all at once. If you stuck through it, and understand what we were getting at, then bravo to you. We thank all of the amazing clients who have booked us over the years, and continue to book us going forward. We enjoy and love what we do and working with so many diverse people (both clients and vendors). Regardless if someone decides to go with us for their event, we still wish them all the best and offer any type of help we can give. In a world filled with so much hate, hostility, and negativity, sometimes people just need to see some good so they can move on day to day. We try to give a glimmer of caring need in all cases. Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

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