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August 26, 2018 Comments Off

This weekend, we were once again the Rochester DJ and wedding entertainment of choice for the Gavin Wedding! This was a Rochester Greek Wedding that we had the honor of playing for and

August 18, 2018 Comments Off

Last night, we had the honor of being the Rochester DJ and wedding entertainment of choice for the Sawyer Wedding. It was held at a beautiful hotel venue in downtown Rochester, NY. We

July 5, 2018 Comments Off

As an award winning and top Rochester Wedding and Event DJ, and the owner of Kalifornia Entertainment, I have had the opportunity to hear many stories; some good, others… not so much about

September 17, 2017 Comments Off

This weekend's Rochester DJ and wedding entertainment was for the DeWolf Wedding. It was held at one of our absolute most favorite venues to play at in High Falls, Rochester, which we have

June 1, 2017 Comments Off

Getting Your Company Front And Center! I see a lot of people in this industry struggling from time to time to earn business and gain clients.  Many vendors have actually reached out and

April 24, 2017 Comments Off

This weekend, we were at a beautiful local venue for another event as the Rochester DJ and entertainment vendor of choice for the Lloyd Wedding! This venue is an art lovers dream and

December 25, 2016 Comments Off

Today’s brides and grooms are always looking for something to really set their weddings apart from the rest.  In doing so, they’ll do some serious leg-work to research and investigate different wedding vendors

July 5, 2016 Comments Off

On Friday, July 1, we had the privilege of being the Rochester DJ and wedding entertainment of choice for Mr. & Mrs. Pelusio. It was a younger crowd that came to party and

June 7, 2016 Comments Off

Have you ever heard someone say or explain why your wedding DJ must have insurance? If you own a car, you know that having car insurance is mandatory.  It covers you, the people

February 25, 2016 Comments Off

An Open Letter To The Wedding Industry We’re going to take a moment from writing the usual type of blog entries and get real for a moment. We usually write blog entries about

February 9, 2016 Comments Off

We wanted to take a week off from our "Wedding Traditions Explained" series and touch base on something that we believe a bride and groom should base their decision on when hiring a

February 4, 2016 Comments Off

In this week's blog entry on wedding traditions explained, we dive into the tradition of throwing rice  after a ceremony. Most people of course don’t throw rice anymore, but only because some venues