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As an established and well known Rochester Wedding DJ, Kalifornia Entertainment tends to include many things in our services that other businesses may charge extra for. We call them the No Cost Extras policy

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We wanted to take a week off from our "Wedding Traditions Explained" series and touch base on something that we believe a bride and groom should base their decision on when hiring a

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Your big day is important. It’s one of the most memorable times of your life. Things that didn’t seem like a big deal prior to this moment are now crucial to creating your

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As most would agree, what really makes a wedding reception memorable for everyone in attendance is the music.  It sets the tone for the entire night, and we’ve all been to great weddings

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Your ceremony has a lot of choices when it comes to music, you can stick to traditional or be unique! Here are some great tips to Choosing Your Rochester Wedding Ceremony Music. Choosing the