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October 3, 2016 Comments Off

As an established and well known Rochester Wedding DJ, Kalifornia Entertainment tends to include many things in our services that other businesses may charge extra for. We call them the No Cost Extras policy

March 18, 2016 Comments Off

Since our beginning over the last few years, we have made our stand as trying to be a top premier DJ entertainment company. We like to think of ourselves as a staple in

February 9, 2016 Comments Off

We wanted to take a week off from our "Wedding Traditions Explained" series and touch base on something that we believe a bride and groom should base their decision on when hiring a

January 19, 2016 Comments Off

There are so many traditions that take place at a wedding. The first dance, bouquet toss, cake cutting, and grand exit, just to name a few, yet most people don’t know the meaning

January 12, 2016 Comments Off

There are so many different traditions a bride and groom can follow during their big day. One is the bouquet toss, which is a wedding tradition that is slowly dying. Many years ago the