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Important Things To Consider Prior To Booking A Rochester DJ

Important Things To Consider Prior To Booking A Rochester DJ

March 18, 2016 Kalifornia Entertainment Comments Off

Since our beginning over the last few years, we have made our stand as trying to be a top premier DJ entertainment company. We like to think of ourselves as a staple in the industry who can help and guide people in many different ways with the pleasure of serving clients all over Western NY (especially Rochester, Webster, Gates, Spencerport, Brighton, Pittsford, Penfield, Greece, Henrietta and other surrounding towns). So, what are some important things to consider when starting your search to book a Rochester DJ? Let’s dive in with those answers by reading our Important Things To Consider Prior To Booking A Rochester DJ.

Important Things To Consider Prior To Booking A Rochester DJ

1. Venue Selection

Having a venue booked for your event is a key detail when looking to book a DJ. With so many amazing locations available in Rochester for brides and grooms to choose from, it’s important to not get so distracted by the glitz and glam that you forget to focus on the facts. The fact of the matter is, that no matter what venue you choose to go with, they are going to have a set of rules and regulations for their client(s) to take into account. It is important to know what those rules and regulations are beforehand and how they are going to affect your decision when it comes to actually booking your Rochester, NY DJ. First, you want to check to see if there is an in-house DJ already set through your venue, or if they will allow outside vendors. No need in wasting valuable time researching and pricing only to find out things are already lined up for you. However, being able to choose which DJ service you use for your BIG day should be YOUR choice. After all, it is indeed YOUR day! You should have the right to choose whoever you want so that it’s catered to your exact vision.

Depending on your dream venue though, you may have another hard decision on your hands here. If you go with the later and are able to choose your Rochester wedding DJ, it is important to select a venue that is familiar with the working needs of a DJ. Although this is normally behind the scene information, some venues have a specific areas and requirements for your DJ to set up. Your venue could be as easy as 10 feet through the main entrance, where others may have your DJ going through the vendor dock, through the kitchen, down the hall and around the corner, up the elevator, and eventually landing at the 3rd floor ballroom. You want to be sure your DJ knows not only where they are going the day of, but also how much time they will need to allot to get there and set up shop without cutting it close to ‘go time’. Our point here is having a user friendly venue with knowledgeable staff members who are trained to work closely with your Rochester DJ, is of the utmost of importance. Your dream team being able to work together with clear lines of communication matters! If information is lost in translation and is not planned accordingly, it can lead to all sorts of time constraints which would throw off the timing of the entire night.

2. Client Expectations

Close your eyes. When you envision your dream wedding, what does that entail? An incredible DJ service is going to be sure to ask what YOU want (or at least they should!). What are your expectations for your big day? What ambiance are you trying to achieve? Rather it be a small intimate gathering of family and friends in a subtly lit venue filled with jazzy blues versus a whooping guest count of 300, lights galore, with a dance floor packed so tightly you feel like you might possibly be at a massive concert.

It is your Rochester DJ’s duty to you as a client to not just meet your expectations, BUT TO EXCEED THEM! With this said, it is important to understand how much control your DJ has over the success of your event. Will your DJ be the MC for your event, or will they just be handling entertainment for the reception? For arguments sake, let’s throw around some math. Typically, a wedding will run approximately 8 hours in length from start to finish. Say the reception portion (no ceremony, dinner, or cocktail hour) is 4 hours. This means your Rochester DJ is in control of your event at minimum, for 4 hours – That’s over 50% of your timeline in your DJs hands. Look at those numbers! No matter how beautiful your day may be, or how tasty the meal was, if your Rochester DJ doesn’t measure up, it can completely change the mood of your event and how successful the night goes.

3. Business Relationship

How comfortable would you be sitting through a blind date? How about being the couple seated next to them in a restaurant? Getting to know someone that you’ve never met before and earning their trust can be difficult. It’s pretty stressful to watch too, isn’t it? Rather it be an awkward blind date thanks to your crazy aunt Peggy’s schemes, or a new business relationship, the key to building a relationship is having rapport. When you begin your research for your Rochester DJ, be sure to create a running list of your questions/concerns. Is your DJ from a new up and coming company? How many events have they booked? Do they carry business insurance? (Go back to your venue rules and regulations! Most venues, if not all, require outside vendors to provide proof of insurance. And a professional legit DJ will have this no matter what!) Do the DJ’s know how to mix and transition songs properly or do they just fade from one song to another with no real mixing skill or talent? Do they have modern professional sound and equipment or does it look like all of their equipment came out of a 70’s disco music video? All of these questions should have clear and concise responses. Be sure they’re listening to your needs and have a genuine interest in your special day! A defining attribute of a great business relationship is when each party has an emotional stake to the other’s success. If you’re not winning, neither are they!

BONUS TIP: If you’re working with a successful well known DJ, they’re going to have a fan club following and for good reasons. Check into other client’s experiences and reviews.


If you follow these suggestions when searching for your Rochester DJ, you will ensure that you have found the best fit for your big day. The goal is to have a stress-free fun and amazing event that you will remember for years (or a lifetime) to come. Now that you have read our Important Things To Consider Prior To Booking A Rochester DJ, you might have questions about our services. Contact Kalifornia Entertainment today to learn more!