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No Cost Extras

No Cost Extras

October 3, 2016 Kalifornia Entertainment Comments Off

No Cost ExtrasAs an established and well known Rochester Wedding DJ, Kalifornia Entertainment tends to include many things in our services that other businesses may charge extra for. We call them the No Cost Extras policy and it’s one of many things that help make us stand apart from the competition and has labeled us as being the Best DJ In Rochester. Some businesses can charge extra for these items because they feel they deserve to be paid to have these at your wedding or event. It only takes us a few minutes to set up or offer some of these things, so we see now reason at all in charging our clients for them. We have always stood by a strong methodology of giving our clients the most for their money and giving them something of extreme value (hence why we call this the No Cost Extras policy). We are not undercutting other businesses. We are just offering you MORE. Some of the Rochester DJ items or No Cost Extras, include the following:

No Cost Extras

We’re seeing a few venues now start to offer this with their packages at no cost as well. They share our philosophy in that it takes limited time and energy to set up, so why not? Webster Golf is one venue who we have had this conversation with and definitely include their uplights at no cost. Uplighting is used to wash the walls and room with color and give you an elegant and beautiful appearance. We like to find out what your wedding colors are, and then try to match the uplighting to your colors as close as possible. If you’re wondering how many uplights we bring, the answer is that we generally carry upwards of 25 uplights and can set them up around the venue room to really give it a beautiful style.

Most DJ businesses out there do have microphones for speaches and toasts. However, our mic’s are the very best top of the line wireless mics that are actually also used by many high end concert venues and sound engineers. Having a very high end microphone system means you’ll be able to hear those who are speaking, with zero cut outs or low volume. It also means you can walk away or have the microphone at a far distance without any break ups or problems. We always use fresh brand new batteries at every single event and we also have Shure wired microphones as a back up.

Monogram lighting is something that really adds a touch of elegance and class to your wedding or event. Usually either displayed on the dance floor, on a wall or the ceiling, it’s a great effect that can display your names, initials, event date or even a logo. We bring a couple of different monogram lights to show 2 different styles of them at the venue. We also have the ability to do animated monograms, which is the hottest and newest way to display them that set’s your wedding or event apart from many others.

Many companies out there will often ask you right away, “How long is your event?” or “What hours do you need me there until?” They will also will charge you extra after a certain amount of time. At Kalifornia Entertainment, we supply our clients with unlimited time and will play as long as your venue will allow it. Putting time restrictions on your event doesn’t make much sense to us considering we love what we do and since we always have the dance floor packed, why not keep the energy and fun alive as long as you can?

Having a really good sound system is something that can really make your event come alive. If the sound system can’t handle large crowds dancing in front of it, then it will be weak and the sound won’t travel far enough for everyone in the venue to hear. We use the best of the best and top of the line components with the latest built in sound technology which include large 15″ top speakers and bottom 12″ or 15″ subwoofers. Nothing sounds worse than when somebody tries to crank up the bass or volume and all you hear is distortion and crackling. Our lighting is all DMX computer controlled effects, which means we use software to program different light sequences to really make your event stand out. Our typical lighting structure includes 2 moving head fixtures, 2 mirror scanning fixtures, 2 lasers and 2 moonflower effect fixtures. That’s 8 lights all together but we do have many other types of lights that we can bring depending on your vision or the atmosphere you would like to have at your event. We can either use a couple of tri-strands to mount our lighting or go all out and include a beautiful lit up professional truss system.

Have you ever been to an event and you see a DJ that is set up with wires and cables all over the place? We take the extra time to hide and tie up our cables and power cords, and we use a front glow facade in front of our table. This hides many different cables, surge protectors and makes our area look stylish and high end. We then use uplighting behind the facade to finish the look and make it stand out even more. And yes…the uplighting is also DMX controlled so we can program lighting sequences to go with the uplights as well.

Hazers are a great effect to include because it makes the lighting really stand out and give you that ultra nightclub appearance and fun factor! The haze that we use does not set off fire alarms or sprinklers and is safe for all people to inhale without any complications. We can even add a scented oil to our hazers to make it smell like a tropical oasis. We don’t let our hazers run all night to the point where you feel like you’re walking around in a cloud of smoke. We run it for 3-4 seconds at a time just enough to give the lights a cool effect and then we don’t run it again until the haze has completely disappeared. Our bubble machine is a fun effect to have for clients or guests to run through or dance around during certain times at their event. The bubble solution we use won’t leave floors slippery or sticky. And let’s face it…nothing beats watching small children (or drunk guests) run around trying to pop as many bubbles as they can!

We’re not sure who loves glow sticks more…kids or adults. Regardless, we include them at no cost for our guests to put on or share with who ever they like.

Have questions about our Rochester DJ services, or our No Cost Extras and what else is included in our packages? Message or contact us today for more information!