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Vendor Spotlight: Jillian Meisenzahl

Vendor Spotlight: Jillian Meisenzahl

Check out our latest Vendor Spotlight: Jillian Meisenzahl where we sit down with the owner of Jill Studio Design & Photography and discuss weddings and events!

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Vendor Spotlight: Chef’s Catering

Vendor Spotlight: Chef's Catering

Check out our recent Vendor Spotlight: Chef’s Catering in Rochester, NY as a full featured event and wedding catering business.

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Vendor Spotlight – Colburn Creative

Vendor Spotlight - Colburn Creative

Welcome back to another edition of the Kalifornia Entertainment Vendor Spotlight series.  This time around, I’m sitting down with one of my favorite Preferred Vendors, whom I’ve had the distinct honor and privilege of working with at an incredible amount of Rochester wedding receptions.  It’s a husband and wife photographer team, known as Colburn Creative […]

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Vendor Spotlight – Productions By Tim

Vendor Spotlight - Productions By Tim

It’s June and that means it’s time for another Vendor Spotlight.  We work with so many incredible, talented and experienced vendors every wedding season.  Some, many many times and others, only a handful of times.  In this particular case, we worked with one specific videographer by the name of Tim Mieney a few times and […]

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Vendor Spotlight – Christina Matiash Makeup

Vendor Spotlight - Christina Matiash Makeup

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a Vendor Spotlight here on the K.E. blog.  We decided to start them back up and show off some of the amazing individuals and businesses that we have on our Preferred Vendor List, since there is an incredible amount of talented wedding vendors in the Rochester / WNY area. […]

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Vendor Spotlight – Trusted Treasurez

Vendor Spotlight - Trusted Treasurez

Today’s brides and grooms are always looking for something to really set their weddings apart from the rest.  In doing so, they’ll do some serious leg-work to research and investigate different wedding vendors to find the most unique items that will give their receptions that posh gala appearance or presence.  When guests walk into your […]

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Vendor Spotlight – Shadow Lake

Vendor Spotlight - Shadow Lake

Vendor Spotlight – Shadow Lake In our latest installment of Vendor Spotlights, we sat down and had a discussion with one of our favorite country clubs…Shadow Lake.  They are a local country club that does a lot of unique, fun and traditional weddings through out the year.  We had the distinct pleasure of playing at […]

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Vendor Spotlight – James Coleman

Vendor Spotlight - James Coleman

Vendor Spotlight – James Coleman We took a few weeks off from doing our Vendor Spotlights, but we’re back at it again and starting things off for the month of August is a company that we have had the pleasure of working with at a few weddings.  Hundreds of people have watched our highlight reels […]

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Vendor Spotlight – Jennifer Costello

Vendor Spotlight - Jennifer Costello

Vendor Spotlight – Jennifer Costello Over the years, wedding traditions have changed quite a bit.  In the old days, it was very common to get married in a church by a priest.  Or if you were not at all religious, you would go to a local court house and have a judge marry you.  But […]

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Vendor Spotlight – Newland Weddings

Vendor Spotlight - Newland Weddings

Here at Kalifornia Entertainment, we absolutely love working with our preferred vendors (click here to see our full list).  We refer them to many different brides and we stand by each one out of mutual respect through out the wedding industry.  We have brought them a lot of extra business, and they have referred us […]

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