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How We Are Different

How We Are Different

March 3, 2017 Kalifornia Entertainment Comments Off

So, we’re 3 months into the new year already. I’ve slacked a little on creating blog entries due to being busy getting things in order for 2017 and helping many current and new clients plan their big day.  Not just for this year but for 2018 and even into 2019 now.  I’m taking a few minutes to write up something that I hear quite a bit.

“How are you different compared to that other company?” or “What’s your definition of how we are different?”

How We Are Different

We're Different

It’s a good question and any reputable DJ will have a proper “How We Are Different” response ready to go when this comes up.  It should be something unique or exclusive that speaks bulk to their business that grants their client the understanding of why they are the right DJ for their event or wedding.  In the marketing world, it’s called a value proposition.  It’s what make your service enticing to a customer and why you’re the best competitive option in a sea of saturation.

A good DJ needs to think about what their target audiences need to know.  Of course, it helps to identify them and create detailed profiles, or personas, about their needs, motivations, goals, and buying behaviors.

The language that a DJ uses to develop value propositions must reflect and connect with their target audiences.  It’s that simple.  But this blog entry isn’t about that.  It’s to shine a light onto why Kalifornia Entertainment is the appropriate company for you.

By definition, a DJ is someone that plays music.  However, superb Rochester wedding & event DJ talent does so much more.  Here’s a list of some of the things we do both at weddings and leading up to weddings that truly separate and divides us from others in the Rochester, NY area and the reasons why we do them.

  • You Don’t Get A Random DJ That Just Shows Up.  Many of my clients have seen me perform at weddings, events, nightclubs and social engagements.  They know that’s who will be at their event and not some random guy that gets “assigned” to them at the last minute whom they have never seen, heard or had the pleasure of meeting.

Why Is This Important?  Because having a random “DJ” just show up at your wedding is awkward.  I like to build positive relationships with my couples before I even show up.  Knowing your DJ helps put you at ease and gives you peace of mind that the precise person is there for you.

  • You Receive Someone Who Contains A Plethora Of Experience As A Professional DJ.  Music and entertainment is very important to clients so they want to be assured that they are getting someone who knows the ins and outs of all styles and genres of music.  They also want someone who isn’t just going to sit behind a table all night, push play and not really care what’s coming out of the speakers.

Why Is This Important?  Some companies will hire just anyone off the street, stick them in a room with some equipment and a laptop and say, “Teach yourself how to DJ!”  These companies then have the nerve to say they are the best or they employ the top DJ’s in the area.  Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.  Learning to play the right type of music, how to mix songs together by proper beats and key and being able to read a room is not something that can be taught to someone fresh off the street and sticking them in a room somewhere for a couple hours or days before an event.  It takes years to master and as a client, you want a DJ that understands that and has put in the time to perfect these skills so that they are 100% impeccable.

  • I Meet With You Multiple Times Before Your Wedding To Go Over The Details.  There are a lot of times where clients need that real, face-to-face (or phone) interaction before their weddings or events.  At our first initial meeting together we chat and go over all the details for your reception.  I then keep in constant contact on an on-going basis.  Sometimes it’s weekly, sometimes it’s monthly and sometimes it’s quarterly.

Why Is This Important?  Meetings and open communication is crucial.  It’s what separates the amateurs from the pro’s.  And a good DJ will put in that time to keep communication open by taking a genuine interest in your big day versus just treating you like some number.  Those companies that treat you as a number will talk to you once, maybe twice and that’s it before your wedding.  Whether it’s by phone, online or in-person, my meetings and communication with you allow us to piece together key details for your wedding so that I’m able hit a bullseye every time for you.  We’ll talk about lighting, sound, music you love and hate, your guests and wedding party, ideas, concepts, etc.  It’s a very open ended conversation when we talk and the more info and ideas that you love that I can get from you, the better your day will be.

  • I Reach Out To & Communicate With Your Venue & Other Key Vendors Before The Wedding. I love my Rochester, NY wedding vendor friends.  There’s a pretty good chance I’m friends with or worked with the venue, photographer & other awesome people you’ve selected to represent your vision on your big day.  I always reach out to see if they need anything from me and to share anything I might need from them.  If it’s a venue I have not played at before, then I meet clients there a few weeks before their wedding to go through everything and get all of the logistics down.  I also talk with venue coordinators and help them with anything they might need.

Why Is This Important?  It’s just a great example of professionalism and respect for other wedding vendors and venues, plus when the people who work together know one another and get along, GREAT things happen.

  • I Share My Detailed Planner With You.  Surprises are cool, yes.  But you’ll want to know what’s in store for your big day.  My detailed information lays out the list of events for your reception’s formalities such as entrance, first dance & more.

Why Is This Important?  Again, it’s just a showcase of my dedication towards professionalism and attention to detail.

  • I Prepare & Gather All Of The Essential Music For Your Wedding Before Arrival.  I typically prep music for weddings anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks in advance.  This includes any custom edits, mixes or remixes you wish to have so that I can send them to you to review and sign off on before the wedding.  This also allows me to get all of your important must play songs in legal, high quality format.

Why Is This Important?  I’ve heard horror stories of DJs gathering music the morning of someone’s wedding or even by using a venues WiFi to try and download music once they arrive and not being able to get important songs like a first dance song.  I’ve also heard of DJ’s playing music off Youtube and in the middle of the dance, you hear a commercial, some random noise or something else inappropriate.  A professional DJ will have legit music with no fear of any of the above and be well prepared days and weeks before your Rochester wedding.

  • I Show Up Early & Always Completely Set Up By The Time Your Guests Arrive.  While communicating with you during planning, I ask when guests are scheduled to arrive and map out a time to load in and set up (typically 2 or 3 hours before your first guest arrives, depending on what I will be bringing or setting up).

Why Is This Important?  Nothing screams disrespect and unprofessionalism than a DJ carrying heavy professional gear through a crowd of guests or not having enough time to do sound checks, lighting checks, mic checks and equipment checks.  Having enough time to do all of that allows enough time to fix any issues that might arise even before the first guest walks through the door.

  • I Review Timelines & Itineraries With Your Venue Coordinator & Other Vendors.  I check in with the venue’s point of contact after arrival just to make sure we’re on the same page.  I also check in with all vendors to give them timelines and itineraries so they know if things are still on track or if anything has changed.Why Is This Important?  The timeline and flow of your reception is two of the most important pieces that contribute towards the vibe and success of your party.  It’s a science and I work hard to do my part to contribute to that success.
  • I Prep & Keep You Informed Of When We’ll Be Doing Things.  I double check with you in a very non-obtrusive manner before each of your formalities, I line up your wedding party, get them in order and help them know their cues and go over names one last time before introducing.  I make sure that your parents are near the dance floor for parent dances.  I prep your maid of honor and best man on microphone techniques before speeches & toasts (even helping to calm their nerves or give them some pointers for their speech).

Why Is This Important?  No one likes to get caught off guard, especially on the most special day of your life.  I take on the role of wedding event director to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.  If the venue coordinator is the one who will be directing people, then I serve more as an assistant or helpful guide to them so their job is easier.

  • I Read Crowds & Mix Music.  When it comes to rocking a party, I get it.  I’m chameleon-like in my ability to read all different types of crowds and adapt accordingly.  This is because of my experience in nightclubs and large social gatherings.  I take your must play songs and mix them in with other songs your guests will love.  I never play songs that are on your do not play list.  Music is mixed cleanly and seamlessly in a manner that’s designed to keep the energy high and your guests on the dance floor.  This is where Kalifornia Entertainment excels.  No dead air between songs, no inappropriate lyrics, no weird clashes when mixing between songs and you get laser focus on the crowd and dance floor to know when the slightest change in energy might happen.

Why Is This Important?  This is so important because a DJ is not just a DJ.  A DJ is a talent and not just some random guy with music playing through iTunes or an iPod.  I also NEVER use a pre-set playlist; no two weddings are exactly alike and I understand that.


These are just SOME of the things Kalifornia Entertainment does and shows How We Are Different when booked for a Rochester wedding, but there’s so much more that goes into it. Feel free to go through the website and look around.  If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to contact us!