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Having A Destination Wedding | Rochester DJ

Having A Destination Wedding

August 31, 2020 Kalifornia Entertainment Comments Off

Covid-19 has really shook up the wedding industry in the sense that people are not only having smaller micro-weddings but they are also choosing to either elope or have destination weddings instead. Kalifornia Entertainment is sought out each year many times to do these types of far away receptions since we are not only in very high demand, but clients look for the best of the best entertainment even though they may not be getting married locally. So we figured this would be a good time to offer some tips and advice on Having A Destination Wedding.

Having A Destination Wedding

Most of us don’t have access to a beautiful tropical beach and many of us don’t have a gorgeous mountainside in our backyard where we can get married. In fact, most of people live in somewhere within a mainland or not anywhere that would be the perfect backdrop for a reception, so it’s no wonder that when it comes to planning a wedding, going away is always a popular choice, especially in these crazy times we’re all currently in with a pandemic. In addition to a great location, a destination wedding is also more intimate and in many cases, cheaper than an at home Rochester, NY wedding.

Not only do we get requests to be the entertainment and to travel to amazing locations for destination weddings, but company owner, Josh V., had a destination wedding of his own. So we can offer great advice on Having A Destination Wedding through out this blog post due to our experience and having done it personally.

Destination Weddings Have Low Attendance

Most destination weddings will definitely have a lower attendance percentage than at regular Rochester, NY wedding. Traditional weddings can have attendance in the 85-90% range (and in some cases, even higher) whereas a destination wedding will be in the 25-30% range. Most invitees turn down destination wedding invites for two reasons…cost and timing. And if you can figure out how to overcome those two objections, you’ll be able to get more people to attend.

Having A Destination Wedding | Rochester Wedding DJ Entertainment

Send Out Save The Dates Early

That means ASAP. As soon as you get engaged, start looking at potential wedding dates. Once you have decided on one, send out save the date cards to family and friends right away so that they can begin planning to travel sooner than later. The earlier you send them out (preferably 8-12 months, if not more), the better. Doing so will give wedding guests enough time to plan their vacations, and holidays while incorporating your wedding into their other plans.

Plan Your Destination Wedding For A Long Weekend

Long weekends are perfect for destination weddings because it gives everyone the flexibility they need. Families can stay the entire week if they choose while others can go back to work without having to use up personal or vacation days. One thing you should not do is plan a destination wedding on a holiday weekend. Many of your guests may have commitments for holidays already and many families have a tradition of getting together during these times so its best avoid them if you can.

Select A Well Known Large Destination

If you want more people to attend, then don’t select a location that is hard to get to or might be in a remote region that requires multiple connecting flights, a 2 hour cab ride followed by a ferry. Select a destination that has lots of direct flights from a lot of cities so wedding guests spend a minimum amount of time traveling. They won’t be as cranky, tired, hungry and upset when they arrive.  Finally, when selecting a destination, try picking something that is close to home. For example, if most of your family is on the east coast, then select a destination wedding on that side of the country. Florida, the Caribbean or North Carolina would make for some great destination wedding locations. Hawaii would not.

Plan Your Wedding At A Family Friendly Resort

You will have tons of time to hang out at a super romantic place on your honeymoon so why not plan your wedding at a family friendly resort. Think Beaches resorts or even a Disney wedding and your family will be more than glad you did. Just because the resort is family friendly does not mean that they are not romantic. Lots of Disney resorts have tons of romantic things that you can do and places like the Beaches resorts have wedding programs specifically for couples with large families.

Having A Destination Wedding | Rochester Wedding DJ Near You

Get Married During The Shoulder Season

And finally, don’t plan your wedding during peak season. Not only will wedding vendor prices be much higher than normal, airfare and hotel rates will be much much higher also. It’s better to book a date that is a month or two before or after the peak season (called a Shoulder Season). Things are calmer, vendors are less busy and your wedding will be more enjoyable.

While there are many other ways to increase your attendance at the destination wedding, the tips above on Having A Destination Wedding will remove most of the objections that your guests may have.

Love what you saw here for our tips on Having A Destination Wedding and want to discuss how Kalifornia Entertainment is the #1 choice and entertainment for your Rochester wedding or event? Reach out to us here and let us know your details. We will get back to you right away with additional information.